A guide to building men’s minimalist wardrobe

A guide to building men’s minimalist wardrobe

In the world of fast fashion and changing trends, maintaining a limited wardrobe may sound impossible. Still, we will show you how to build the ultimate gent’s minimalist wardrobe. 

The concept of minimalism is simple: less is more. The sample applies to the minimalist wardrobe for men as well. In practice, the idea is to simplify your wardrobe, organizing yourself with a small number of garments that can be combined to create an infinite number of looks quickly and functionally. You do not have to stare at your wardrobe every morning before work, as a minimalist wardrobe frees up extra cupboard space and makes it easier to get dressed. We also carry a lot of emotional baggage when we own stuff that we do not need or clothes we do not even wear for years. Still, they just lie around in the hope of being picked someday.

If you want to get rid of the overflowing closet, read on to know some tips on curating a perfect minimalist wardrobe for men. 

Why should men maintain a Minimalist Closet?

Curating a minimalist wardrobe for gentlemen may get worrisome at the start. It will involve lots of discarding the non-essential items and investing in the time-honored essentials that can always be relied on. 

There are a few things to keep in mind while maintaining the minimalist style. 


Everything must have (at least) a dual function. A blazer, for example, should look good with jeans, but must also go with chinos and even pants. Remember: your garment needs to work with at least three outfits. If not... you can bid goodbye to that piece. So, be careful when shopping!


You should pick a palette and stick to it. No matter the color, light or heavy tones is just one option. This means if you are going to go for green and variations of brown, you should stick to it. Acquire and procure the pieces that combine well AT ALL TIMES. The color palette should also be picked, keeping in the weather and environment you live in. 


Your minimalist wardrobe should have pieces that seamlessly help you transition from week to week. They should also work well at home, at work, and for nights out with friends. These garments should be bought and upcycled so that dressing up does not seem like a chore and time-consuming. 


The most crucial element is budgeting to change your wardrobe to minimalism. With the set budget, you can determine how many clothes you can buy at once or whether you need to curate it monthly. It also lets you figure out which item is worth spending more and what are the available cheaper alternatives. 


With budget comes the much-needed talk about the quality of clothes. A minimalist wardrobe is about repeating clothes for a more extended period. Hence, the clothes you buy should be weaved to last. If you end up discarding a few weeks' old clothes and buying new ones frequently, you will lose the purpose of this mission.

Let's build the ultimate gent’s minimalist wardrobe 

Here we will list down a few essential items you need to curate your minimalist closet. 

Dress Shirts

A minimalist wardrobe is not about having too much of the same item but the essentials that go with absolutely everything and every occasion. Dress shirts or Oxford shirts are a must item for a clean and straightforward closet. These are ideal if the cut fits the body and goes perfectly well for formal and informal occasions. 

On the other hand, they are also perfect if you like cowboy-type ones. These shirts seem to never go out of style and are distinguished from others by their appearance. It is better to go for light colors such as white or pale blue, the colors for both shirts.


Long, elegant coats can be the best investment for a minimalist wardrobe. The simple, plain coats give you that monochromatic look. In addition, they are durable and can be combined with anything, such as jeans or pants. Some solid color coats will add oomph to your wardrobe and inter style.

Transition Jackets

Coats would be great during winters, but what about the transition season? You need something light to wear at such times. Therefore, keep a transition jacket in your wardrobe. It can be a denim jacket or a sweatshirt made of light material. Even an overshirt would be great too.

Solid T-Shirts

Whether you layer it or shake it unadorned, a well-executed t-shirt simply exudes a utilitarian sense of style. Choose a nice, high-quality solid t-shirt once, and you will be able to match it with any pair of jeans or pants. It is recommended not to buy the cheaper ones as repeating would need more washing, and they will fade in color or shrink in size.


Well, this goes without saying that you do need pants. But what kind of pants when you adopt the minimalist approach? There are a variety of pants available these days for men, such as cargo, pleats, khakis, chinos, flat fronts, and denim. But you only need three types of pants to complete your minimalist wardrobe. These include a pair of chinos, denim, and dress pants. They can suit various occasions and are the best option to consider when maintaining your minimalist style.

Crew Neck Sweaters

Winter is the season to dress up with layers, and a ref crew neck sweater is another chic yet minimalist wardrobe item in shades of grey, black, or blue. You can combine them with denim, pants, or chinos and create a perfect look. Similarly, you can look for crew neck sweatshirts if you are a fan of loose clothing in total comfort.

Tapered Sweatpants

Sports pants or joggers are the new trends these days. It is a must-have style, and it is not just for jogging or sports but as part of your daily wardrobe. Joggers can be a surprisingly relaxed and trendy outfit if styled right. Pair it with t-shirts, hoodies, jean jackets, bomber jackets, biker jackets, and a good pair of sneakers. Joggers give you an overall aesthetic and relaxed look and can be layered.


While a minimalist wardrobe is all about keeping the wearables and apparel as minimal as possible, it's all about keeping it stylish and classic. To complete that look you will need some shoes to cover all the occasions and leisure. 

The three kinds of shoes that you must add are: 

  • Plain sneakers are the go-to casual footwear for every season. 
  • Black leather dress shoes work well for every occasion, from university graduation to a workplace new year party.
  • Nothing is more versatile than brown leather boots. You can pair them with literally every apparel in the colder season.

Wrap up!

Minimalist clothing is a growing trend due to its versatility. It resists changes and adapts to every body type.  Putting all of the above together, the idea is that you can stop worrying about what to wear. You are equipped with the right looks when you are sure that whatever the occasion or commitment is at the top of your schedule. This wardrobe is timeless, trans-seasonal, immune to trends and fashions above all, functional.