10 Ultimate Instagram tools an influencer needs

10 Ultimate Instagram tools an influencer needs

Instagram is no longer a platform only for posting random photos or scrolling through cat memes (although it's an essential part of it). It is now a full-fledged marketing tool for brands and influencers.

If you are also an aspiring or an established influencer, you must learn to get the most of this social networking platform. Read on to know 10 useful Instagram tools for influencers for photo and video editing, design & layout, and measuring the performance of your handle.


Instagram has built-in filters, but how often can you keep using the same functionalities?

Being an influencer, you need to play with presets and filters. That is where VSCO comes in. The app provides free filters that often surpass Instagram's built-in options in terms of quality and professionalism.

VSCO offers many editing tools (such as custom sharpness, brightness, and contrast), so you can adjust your photo before exporting it to Instagram. VSCO has its own social capabilities: you can follow people directly on VSCO and post and share photos from within the app. The free version offers 10 presets, but the paid plan gives you access to over 200 presets and advanced-level editing tools.


With visual content becoming the most effective way to engage your audience, you must have an arsenal of editing tools.

What could be better than having the Canva app on the go?

It is a great app to bring out your inner artist without prior graphic designing expertise. The app lets you create the best images in the easiest way possible. It offers various effects, icons, image frames, blurs, stickers, etc. Though the free version is enough to create visually engaging and strategic content, the pro version opens up a whole new world of tools.


In recent years, video content has been gaining more attention on Instagram. If you want to make your place on this network, we recommend using a video editor like InShot. It is made for people who just want to use a simple for editing, trimming, or merging their videos.

InShot allows you to merge videos, add your branding and music to them, blur the background, and other super useful features. You can also use the free or paid filters to get the look you want on your video and add music, text, and stickers. The app has its own library of soundtracks and effects, presets, and transitions. Users can also upload their own audio files or record directly in the app.


As the name suggests, the Splice app combines the photos in your gallery to make a movie out of it. It is one of the best Instagram tools for influencers because of having a user-friendly interface and various editing options.

Whether you are creating a travel vlog or a fashion shoot, the app creates an almost invisible transition making it the perfect choice for trending transitionary videos. For typography lovers, this app has over 20 font styles, sizes, and colors to customize the text on the video.


An influencer's success is based not only on continuous content creation but also on efficiently managing the platform.

Despite many alternatives being available, Hootsuite is still used by social media managers and now influencers to measuring the performance of their Instagram handles. You can use Hootsuite to track the competition and see how much engagement your posts have. In one dashboard of this app, you can schedule posts, monitor and analyze their performance, check the ROI, and set up the hashtag streams to build a relevant community.


Iconosquare is another excellent tool to get an insight into the Instagram account and manage your social network from one app. Iconosquare provides an in-depth analysis of the performance and measures the followers' growth, daily follower gain/loss, accounts' status compared to others, and much more. You can also see the performance of your posts in terms of likes/comments/shares and the effectiveness of the hashtags if they engage your audience or not.

You can also use Iconosquare to search for the best hashtags to reach more people. The paid version of Iconocsquare also helps organize contests for followers through hashtags and competitor tracking, and other features.

All Hashtag

Being an influencer, you should never underestimate the power of Instagram hashtags. It helps create a relevant following and spread your account reach to a broader audience. All Hashtag keeps a record of trending hashtags on Instagram for you to choose from. The website updates the top 100 hashtags daily.

It also allows you to check the top hashtags during the last 07 and 30 days. From your niche keywords, All Hashtag also generates different relevant hashtags to go with your content.

For example, if you enter 'travel' in the tool and select the 'top' option, the app suggests the 30 most relevant hashtags. You can then copy them and put them directly into your next photo or video.


Instagram is no longer about static posts or videos on feeds. Exciting and visually appealing stories engage the old followers and reach more audiences. Although Instagram allows you to add gifs, stickers, emoticons, and songs to your stories, the third-party app offers more room for improvisation and makes the most out of your stories.

Unfold is one such Instagram tool that influencers use worldwide to edit their stories. The app has various typography styles to add to your stories that are not available on Instagram. You will also have access to multiple effects and filters specially designed for photographers or influencers. Unfold has also integrated over a dozen templates to automatically resize the photo as per the dimensions of a story.

Instagram Reels

Reels are Instagram's answer to TikTok. It is a multi-clip video of 15 seconds that can be shared in the dedicated section on your business profile, in the feed, and in the stories. Unlike stories, Reels stay on your profile until you decide to delete them. Reels are more likely to go on the explore section of Instagram, reaching more people on the platform.

Each video can be customized with original audio or with augmented reality effects. Reels have more options than stories; you can shoot dynamic and effect-rich videos with the Timer and Speed functions. The editor allows you to create or load mini-clips from the camera, let you add text and filters, and align the shots as well.


Links on Instagram photos and in the caption are not clickable. Therefore, adding a link to an Instagram biography is essential, whether you are a brand or an influencer. However, given the limited space for the link, you need to decide how much info you can share via a single connection and what information it should lead.

Through Linktree, you create multiple links to direct your followers from Instagram. You can link all the pages of your website to the single one that Linktree provides. If you are a food influencer, your blog may have pages for recipes, tips, nutrition, and stories around food. Linktree allows us to have that single link on an Instagram bio that displays a list of multiple links.

Wrapping up!

With the emergence of influencer marketing and increased competition, it can be hard work to maintain your position as the authentic and engaging influencer on Instagram. The success lies with the organic followers rather than bots, and to gain a real following, you need quality and consistency in work. These 10 Instagram tools help influencers reach their goals by making the best use of their creativity and learning.