Welcome to The Macho Manifesto. We’re glad and grateful you’re here.

Our journey began when our undying love for travel and passion for sharing stories became too difficult to keep to ourselves! We understand the feeling when you go somewhere on a vacation but feel overwhelmed by the preparations involved.

Been there, done that! So we thought of putting together this blog for all the inspiration and tips on how to travel with a free spirit!

Rom Raviv-  New YorkNew York City Streets

The Manifesto

It's a platform featuring resources, tips, and destinations for travel enthusiasts. Macho Manifesto is a view into the best travel destinations, food, wine, travel fitness, and mindfulness on the go/. We make sure you get a chance to learn about the essential tips, customs, traditions, and stories that are connected with travel.

Why another travel blog in the midst of umpteen others you ask?

Well, our answer is simple! We want to ensure our resources and guides will allow you to have the best and most effortless travel experiences so that you could navigate through the exciting places, experience the local community, and by the end of it have your own travel tales ready to share with the world! 

Above all, it's a place to get in touch with fellow travel enthusiasts through discovery and curiosity. We hope you enjoy it!